018 Congressional Dish’s Jen Briney and Make Money Podcasting!

by Nick Seuberling on February 24, 2014

Make Money Podcasting
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Podcasting with Jen Briney of Congressional Dish
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jen and her husband Joe out at New Media Expo in January. After a few minutes of conversation Jen revealed that the name of her podcast was called Congressional Dish. I immediately thought “oh ok another politics podcast.” Boy was I wrong. For each episode of her podcast, Jen reads over legislation of the laws passed in the House of Representatives. Say what? Yes she reads all the laws that are passed, highlights the important parts of them and explains them in detail in her podcast.

Jen got her START in podcasting back in 2012 after purchasing a beginner’s podcasting kit from B&H Photo. “I downloaded a bunch of episodes of Daniel J. Lewis’s ‘Audacity to Podcast‘ probably 30 episodes, and I took notes and did what he said,” said Briney. “I didn’t want to put a lot of money in this until I gave it a shot and saw if this is something I wanted to do long term.” Since then Jen’s upgraded to a Heil PR40 microphone.

Show Preparation
After 63 episodes Jen’s finding it easier to prepare for each episode. “You have to remember that the first time I opened the Congressional Record was when I started this podcast.” says Briney. “Now that I know the structure of their day and know their pattern, I know when Congress is talking about amendments, I no longer have to read every single word.” In order to prepare for her podcast Jen requires sometimes up to 60 hours a week to read and prepare for her episodes.

To check out Jen’s amazing work go visit CongressionalDish.com.

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Podcast Consulting
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Steve Lee February 25, 2014 at 12:18 pm

An amazing episode! Jen sorry we didn’t get to meet at NMX but congrats on your previous and future successes. Nick this is what START is all about and thanks for bring Jen to our attention.


Nick Seuberling February 25, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Thank you Steve! Yes Jen does great work with her podcast and I’m really excited to see her show grow. She’ll be at Podcast Movement in August so if you come you’ll have a chance to meet there!


Jennifer Briney March 5, 2014 at 3:03 pm

Hi Steve,

Thank you! Are you coming to Podcast Movement? I’d love to meet you there. If not, I’ll probably be back at NMX next year :)


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